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Persatuan Orang Kota Bharu (POKB) - The History

Persatuan Orang Kota Bharu (POKB), registration number WKL 2690-11 was registered on May 31, 2011. The idea was first mooted by YBhg. Dato 'Hj Mohamad Fatmi Hj Che Salleh, the current advisor of the association.

The Objective

The objective of the association is to unite and galvanize  efforts of the members of POKB who are  involved in various fields, positions, and businesses in developing and establishing an integrated and collaborative relationships and informative networking amongst  members thus enhancing their involvement and contributions towards achieving the vision of the country.


The membership is open to all Malaysian individuals aged 18 and above who were born in Kota Bharu, or who have studied in Kota Bharu, or who are concerned and have a sense of responsibility towards the affairs and progress of Kota Bharu or having any relationship with the Kota Bharu people whether by blood or marriage subject to them being resident or working in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya or Selangor.

"POKB is dedicated to serve, enrich and empower the people of Kota Bharu by showcasing their splendid cultural heritage and endeavours."

 "My wish as the President of the Association for the Kota Bharu (OKB) is to be that person who has a kind heart, who touches heart and soul, who is kind, who remembers little things, who is able to work with others, who smiles, who never forgets those special moments of others, who cherish friendships, who respect others from all walks of life, who gives a lending ear and a warm hug when needed and who has a pure heart. Do remind me if I am not; as reminders from others will always keep me on the ground and foresee that I am able to achieve the wish as president. "

President of POKB